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Hand over your furniture production to skilled professionals, dedicated to you as they were your own.

Competitive pricing

We’re based in Poland where operational costs are significantly lower than in other European countries. This, combined with our outstanding operational efficiency and great relationships with suppliers, allows us to manufacture contract furniture at competitive rates.

Quality first

Furniture is as good as the materials it’s made of and as the people it’s made by. To make sure that you get flawless and durable products, we use world-class components, employ skilled and experienced carpenters, and enforce great attention to detail across all production stages.

Exceptional customer service

Committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, we make sure you’re served like nowhere else. You can count on Penters to conveniently walk you through all stages of your project: from fast pricing to professional consulting to agile project management to on-time delivery.

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Why outsource furniture production to Poland

Do you know that statistically, you have at least one piece of furniture made in Poland, in your home?

Every year, Poland manufactures furniture worth 10 billion EUR and is the fourth furniture exporter globally. We have a long tradition of furniture manufacturing which translates into great experience and a big talent pool. 

There’s a reason why the world’s leading brands offshore production to Poland. Labour and operating costs in our region are significantly lower than in Western Europe. Poland’s strategic location allows for free trade exchange with other EU countries and access to low-priced raw materials. For you, outsourcing contract furniture production to Poland means ensuring that the products are high-quality and affordable at the same time.

If you’re looking for a strong local partner, let’s talk. At Penters, we fully leverage the potential of our location but don’t stop there. We’re obsessed over customer experience and quality to save you not only money but also energy, stress, and time. Become our customer and discover the new standard of contract furniture production. 

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