We’re your trusted furniture production subcontractor

Get access to on-demand top talent and extra production capacity with Penters 

We know the challenges of running a furniture production company first-hand.

If orders were as regular as payroll, planning your production and staffing would be easy. Well, you know best they aren’t. Sometimes you’re wondering what to do with all the people you’ve hired. Sometimes your only concern is that you don’t have enough resources to fulfill all the incoming orders. You could hire some additional workers but we both know how the talent market in the furniture space looks like these days.

Your staff is overworked. You struggle to deliver on time and turn down next orders. The client relationships suffer and missed revenue opportunities keep you up at night.

It doesn't have to be like that. How about subcontracting?

Never say no to your clients again

Your clients don’t have to go to your competitors when their demand exceeds your capacity. You can rely on Penters to process the orders you can’t handle so your clients can rely on you.

Generate revenue even when you don’t have capacity

Having no resources to process new orders shouldn’t stop you from making more sales. When projects start to pile up, you can subcontract some of your work to Penters and take your share for the furniture you didn’t even have to touch.

Reduce labour costs

Stop overstaffing just to be prepared for peaks in demand that may or may not come. Penters is like your extra furniture production facility that you can activate when needed so you pay for the actual work done. Keep in mind, our labour costs are around 3x lower than in Western European countries.

All credit goes to you

There’s no shame is getting outside help to please your clients. But if you want to keep us in secret, we’ll live in your shadow and be happy to let your clients believe it’s your company that deserves the praise.

Meet your on-demand furniture production plant

Dedicated team

Skilled and experienced professionals. Even 70% cheaper than yours and fully dedicated to making you and your customer happy.

Affordable materials

A wide range of materials and accessories from leading brands you trust and use. Sourced locally, up to 50% cheaper than from your suppliers.


All machines needed to get your work done. From format saws to milling machines to edgebanders to CNC and more.

Project management

Lean management and full visibility. We work closely with you throughout the time of the project so you’re always up-to-date with the status.