Bespoke contract furniture for interior design studios

Turn your designs for commercial spaces into high-quality furniture with Penters 

Designing bespoke furniture is fun. Getting it manufactured… not so much.

Furniture is just one part of your project but it tends to consume an unproportionally big amount of your time and budget. 

Finding a good manufacturer that replies in a timely manner and offers lead times that fit your schedule is an art in itself. When you finally find one, their pricing exceeds your and your client’s expectations. Now, should you ask the customer to raise the budget, look for savings in other parts of the project, or waste more time to get a better offer?  

Whatever solution you choose, you know it’s not the end of your challenges. The price you accepted unexpectedly increases. Furniture arrives late, impacting all the other elements of the project. Worst of all, there are discrepancies between what you designed and what was delivered. And in your customers eyes, it’s you who’s responsible for all the hiccups.

All you need is high-quality products delivered on time and within the budget. Does it really have to be so hard?

Manufacturing bespoke furniture doesn’t have to drain your budget and energy

Increase your revenue

Our labour costs are around 3x lower than in Western European countries so we can offer you significantly better pricing than local manufacturers. This means you can lower your client’s budget (and make them even happier) or generate extra revenue you deserve so much.

Make your customers happy

Provide your clients with what they expect: flawless furniture, competitive and fixed price, and on-time delivery. At Penters, we’ll make sure you have only good news to share with your clients so they keep coming back.

Reduce stress

At Penters, we understand that you have a lot on your plate so we make sure our work doesn’t add up to it. We’re committed to always keeping you up-to-date with your project and simply delivering what we promised.

Meet Penters

Dedicated team

Experienced professionals having all skills and tools needed to bring your projects to life, no matter how complex they are.

Affordable materials

A wide range of materials and accessories from leading brands you trust and use. Sourced locally, up to 50% cheaper than where you’re based.

Competitive pricing

Penters guarantees fast pricing and competitive rates. Plus that the price you accept won’t change during production.

Professional consulting

Leverage our expertise at every stage of the project. Get advice on technical feasibility, the selection of materials, and the most optimal solutions.

Project management

Lean management and full visibility. We work closely with you throughout the time of the project so you’re always up-to-date with the status.